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Why is RV Insurance Important

What is RV Insurance?

In order to understand RV insurance, you need to know what is is and why it’s important. RV insurance is in place to protect you against financial liability toward any bodily injury or property damage that may be caused if you are in an accident while you, or another driver is behind the wheel of your RV. As a resident of North Carolina, a minimum of liability insurance is required, by law for owners of recreational vehicles.

Why is RV Insurance Important?

Besides being a requirement by law, having protection in place for yourself or anyone that may be using your vehicle is a smart move. For instance, if you live in your RV, having full-timers insurance will be necessary. This is a similar to homeowners insurance, which may protect you in the case of any damage, natural disaster, theft and other unexpected circumstances that happen to your RV. In most cases, for motor home purchasers, the lender will require that RV insurance is purchased at point of sale before they will approve you.

What kind of RV Insurance do I need?

There are a number of types of RV’s, but the biggest variation in coverage is dependent on whether you own a camper, which is also called a travel trailer or a motor home. RV’s are classified into three groups: Class A, Class B and Class C and the type of insurance that will be required is determined based on the amount of use that is put into the RV and if you live in the motor home full-time. A motor home is considered one if there are living quarters permanently attached, the vehicle has permanent cooking and refrigeration appliances, heating and air conditioning, plumbing for a bathroom, a drinkable water supply system and has a 110-125 volt electrical system in place. A travel trailer, which is non-motorized and most often used for camping, would be considered such if there is a permanently attached cooking system and sufficient area for sleeping within the vehicle.