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Protecting Your Home for the Winter

Although winters in Raleigh, NC tend to be on the milder end of the spectrum, snow, ice, and freezing winds are not uncommon. In the past, disastrous storms have occurred in the area, leaving residents unprepared. Those who live in the Raleigh NC area need to take precautions to combat the unforeseeable weather in the winter months.

The impact of extreme weather can be hazardous, even immobilizing, so it is imperative to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home. Before the winter season, be sure that all entryways are clear, eliminate leaves and debris from gutters, and seal all windows and doors. Don’t forget your car! Check the hoses, battery, and antifreeze levels. It is also a good idea to keep the gas tank full, to prevent condensation in the tank that could freeze due to the cold temperatures.

When a storm has settled, you must once again be sure to clear all entryways and sidewalks near your home to prevent injuries from slip-and-falls. At this point, look for any damage caused by the winter storm, photograph it, and then call your Young Insurance agent to report it. If necessary, make temporary repairs, but be sure to keep repair and materials receipts. Avoid any permanent repairs, however, until an agreement has been settled upon. Lastly, as downed power lines are common during storms, keep an eye out for them, and connect with your agent at once to report them.

Be sure to contact an agent at Young Insurance for a consultation regarding home and auto insurance specific to your needs. Coverage for damage caused by falling trees, power outages, and fires provoked by the more frequent use of fireplaces should be discussed. Young Insurance, serving the needs of those who live in Raleigh, NC, strives to provide customers with the most appropriate coverage for the area.