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Every insurance policy has a limit of claims depending on the package you pay for the policy and this where the umbrella insurance policy comes. It covers more than one property or asset with an extra layer of liability protection. You can use umbrella insurance policy together with other types of insurance policies like home or auto policies. Umbrella insurance policy will assist you when you reach your other insurance claim limit. It also covers you for claims that maybe excluded by other liability policies, claims such as; your rental units, slander and false arrest. For people living in Raleigh, NC you can visit or contact Young Insurance.

What does umbrella insurance policy cover?

Umbrella insurance policy will cover for liabilities that exceed or are not covered by your other policies and for more information about umbrella insurance policy you can visit Young Insurance in Raleigh NC for more information. Below are the things that umbrella insurance policy covers;

Bodily insurance liability-umbrella insurance policy will cover you on bodily damage costs. The cost of medical bills to the other party sustained due to auto accident when you are the one on the fault, or injuries sustained by a guest in your home maybe due to a fall.

Property damage liability-umbrella insurance policy will cover you for damages caused to other party’s property when you are at fault, like damages cause by your child at school.

Policy owner’s rental units-as a landlord umbrella insurance will cover you for liabilities that you may face in the rental units. For example, if pets of your tenants cause any bodily injuries to someone, you are held responsible for the damages. Or when a tenant is suing you for damages when they sustain injuries within the rental units maybe due cracks on the side walk.