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What to Do If You’ve Been the Victim of a Break-In

Home burglaries happen all the time, but when it happens to you, it is difficult to handle. Your home, the supposed place of peace and safe haven, was rudely violated. The items you have worked for years to acquire are gone, and you feel vulnerable and exposed. Burglary is definitely an emotional experience, but you need to handle it correctly so law enforcement can do their jobs and the insurance agent can do his. Remember these tips from Young Insurance Associates Inc if your home is burglarized in Raleigh, NC.

Leave the House and Call the Police

Your first impulse may be to check out what is missing in the house or see if the thieves are still there. However, as soon as you realize that your home has been broken into, you will want to go outside and call the police. Don’t make the call from inside the home because the thieves may still be in there and they may be armed. Let law enforcement arrive and clear the house for you. They will collect evidence and make a police report on the incident. While they’re there, you can start making a list of any valuables that are missing.

Don’t Start Cleaning Up

Yes, it is hard to see your lovely home trashed, but don’t start cleaning up yet. Call your insurance company, preferably while the police are still there. Don’t begin making repairs on damaged doors or broken windows until the insurance adjuster comes by. He will want to take pictures and videos of the damage to the house and collect your list of missing items. Don’t worry if you miss a few items, you will probably be able to add to the list in the next few weeks if you need to. 

Clean Up and Repair

Once you’ve been given the all clear by your insurance agent, you can start cleaning up and making repairs. You’ll want to board up windows until they can be replaced. If your door locks were tampered with or your door was broken, figure out a way to secure your home before you stay in the house. Use reputable repair people for your permanent repairs.

Secure Your Home

Take steps to make sure that this never happens again. Install outdoor lighting, upgrade your door locks, and maybe install security cameras. You may want to trim hedges and trees to make your home more visible from the street. You may also want to install a security system.

Being the victim of a robbery in Raleigh, NC is hard, but you can recover from this. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, contact Young Insurance Associates Inc.