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No Matter the Boat, You Need Boating Insurance

Boating insurance isn’t just for large vessels you tow out for weekend beach activities. Whether you own a large sail boat or a small fishing boat, it is important to protect the investment with boating insurance. So whether you live in Raleigh, NC or in a surrounding community, Young Insurance Associates Inc is here to assist you in understanding the importance of boating insurance. 

What Kinds of Boats are Covered

Just about any watercraft with an engine is covered under boating insurance. This means anything from a pontoon to a jetski is protected with boating insurance. Vessels without an engine, such as a sailboat, require slightly different boating insurance coverage. This is because there is no engine to insure but instead a mast.

What Boat Insurance Covers

There are different kinds of boat insurance policies, so selecting the right coverage is important. However, boat insurance can cover collision damage, property damage, bodily injury damage and comprehensive coverage (which protects your boat if it is stolen or vandalized). 

There are additional forms of boat insurance coverage that provides coverage for fishing equipment, offers roadside assistance, plus coverage caused by boaters who do not have their own boat insurance. 

Boating insurance provides you with a number of safeguards against potential damage. From an accident while in transit to the body of water or you run out of gas while on the water and require a tug to the dock, boat insurance is here to provide you peace of mind and adequate protection. So when living around the greater Raleigh, NC area, if you have any concerns regarding boating insurance or you’re interested in adding it to your current lineup of insurance policies, now is the perfect time to reach out and contact Young Insurance Associates Inc.