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When to Change Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Whether you own the property for a year or a decade, your homeowner’s insurance policy was never meant to stay the same. If you live in Raleigh, NC, it may be time to consider updating your policy so it can keep up with future claims. Young Insurance Associates Inc. would like to share just a few common reasons why you might want to change it. 

You Bought More Things 

A diamond ring, a new television, a valuable art piece: these are just a few things under your roof that could be lost, damaged, or stolen. If you first bought the home straight out of college when you had little more to lose than some Ikea furniture, it’s possible that your policy limits wouldn’t even come close to replacing the potential losses. 

You’re Using Your Home Differently 

Whether you’ve taken up a new hobby in Raleigh NC or you’re working more from home, your insurance company may need to know about it. If your business equipment was stolen after a break-in, it’s possible your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the claim if the claims processor wasn’t aware of your home being used as a commercial space. 

You Want More Communication 

It’s not always easy to get in touch with your insurance company (or to get meaningful answers once you do get in touch with them). If you’re tired of the runaround, you should find a company who will form a real relationship with you. It’s the best way to avoid any surprises the next time you file a claim. 

If you want more information about your homeowner’s policy in Raleigh, NC, Young Insurance Associates Inc. can help. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through any of your questions to see if it makes sense to keep your current coverage.