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Can Renters Insurance Help Me Pay for a Lawsuit?

When you live in an apartment or rented home, you’re responsible for the safety of your guests. But not everyone realizes this when they sign their first (or even their fifth) lease. They may assume that friends, family members, and neighborhood staples (e.g., postal workers, etc.) are all responsible for their own property and well-being. If you live in Raleigh, NC and want to know more about liability though, Young Insurance Associates Inc doesn’t want you to be caught unawares. 

Liability and You 

There are a variety of incidents that can happen in a rented space, including falls, slips, and property damage. Maybe your child spills their chocolate milk over your friend’s laptop, or they leave out a toy car in the hallways only to cause a vicious fall halfway through the visit. You may not think that a friend or family member would hold you responsible for this, but consider just how financially devastating one incident can be for the other person. This can lead to demands that only insurance can cover. 

Renters Insurance 

In the case of a covered event, renters insurance will help you either settle a liability charge or defend yourself if you believe you weren’t at fault. A lawsuit can be complicated for renters, especially if it takes weeks or months to settle. In the case of a complex claim, renters insurance gives you the coverage you need so you can stay afloat during a crucial time. 

Young Insurance Associates Inc doesn’t want anyone in Raleigh, NC to make the wrong assumptions when it comes to their personal responsibility. If you want to learn more about how you can protect yourself, we’re here to answer your questions and help you find a policy that will ensure you sleep at night.