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Will Home Insurance Cover What I Keep At The Office?

Your home insurance policy covers everything that you keep inside your home, even when it’s not inside your home. If your laptop is stolen from your car, for instance, your home insurance will likely cover it as long as it’s on the policy. So, generally speaking, anything you take to the office with you is going to be covered by most home insurance providers in Raleigh, NC.

That said, there are some things that you’ll need to keep in mind, here. Namely, if your possessions are not in your home, they will be covered as part of the "off-premises" coverage, which typically extends to 50% the limits of your standard home policy for possessions. This means that if you, say, forget your expensive watch in your desk at work one night and it’s lost in a break-in, you’re probably covered, depending on the value of the watch. But you don’t want to use your office as a storage facility for thousands of dollars worth of personal possessions. In other words, the office might not be the best hiding place for a big pile of expensive Christmas gifts.

To make sure that you’re covered, you need to keep an accurate inventory of your possessions, and you need to know what your limits are, and what your limits are for off-premises possessions so that you know exactly how much protection you have away from home.

If you’re still shopping around for home insurance in Raleigh, NC, get in touch with Young Insurance Associates Inc. At Young Insurance Associates Inc we can compare quotes and get you a good deal on a great policy, so call, stop by or get in touch through our website and let’s see what we can do for you.

When to Change Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Whether you own the property for a year or a decade, your homeowner’s insurance policy was never meant to stay the same. If you live in Raleigh, NC, it may be time to consider updating your policy so it can keep up with future claims. Young Insurance Associates Inc. would like to share just a few common reasons why you might want to change it. 

You Bought More Things 

A diamond ring, a new television, a valuable art piece: these are just a few things under your roof that could be lost, damaged, or stolen. If you first bought the home straight out of college when you had little more to lose than some Ikea furniture, it’s possible that your policy limits wouldn’t even come close to replacing the potential losses. 

You’re Using Your Home Differently 

Whether you’ve taken up a new hobby in Raleigh NC or you’re working more from home, your insurance company may need to know about it. If your business equipment was stolen after a break-in, it’s possible your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the claim if the claims processor wasn’t aware of your home being used as a commercial space. 

You Want More Communication 

It’s not always easy to get in touch with your insurance company (or to get meaningful answers once you do get in touch with them). If you’re tired of the runaround, you should find a company who will form a real relationship with you. It’s the best way to avoid any surprises the next time you file a claim. 

If you want more information about your homeowner’s policy in Raleigh, NC, Young Insurance Associates Inc. can help. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through any of your questions to see if it makes sense to keep your current coverage. 


Insuring a Vacation Home and a Primary Residence

It is nice to have a vacation home. Of course, a vacation home also needs to have home insurance. There are special considerations that come up for those who have both a primary residence and a vacation home. It is important to discuss the specifics with your agent at Young Insurance Associates Inc, serving Raleigh, NC and the surrounding communities. This helps when making decisions about how to have adequate insurance coverage for both properties.

Things to think about and talk about with your agent include:

  • Occupancy: Insurance coverage requirements will be different depending on how each home will be occupied during a full year. Homes that are left vacant for part of the year have a different risk profile than homes that are always occupied.
  • Regular Maintenance: Unoccupied homes may suffer from neglect if they do not receive regular maintenance. Landscaping, exterior finishes, and the general condition of the property all need to be maintained properly, especially if the home is not occupied.
  • Rentals: If either your primary residence or your vacation home will be rented to others for part of the year, this affects the type of home insurance coverage needed. Renting a property creates a commercial use of the home, which requires different insurance.
  • Benefits of Insuring with a Single Underwriter: Sometimes there are benefits that come from using the same insurance underwriter for both homes. Ask your agent to explain the particulars.
  • Home Security: Alarms, video surveillance systems, and security companies that watch a property are beneficial in protecting the property and may have a positive impact on the insurance coverage.
  • Caretakers: For luxury properties, having a professional caretaker, whose background has been checked thoroughly, may be desirable. Be aware that having an employee means the property may need commercial insurance. Ask your agent about this issue before hiring a caretaker.

Contact your agent Young Insurance Associates Inc in Raleigh, NC for all of your home insurance needs for a primary residence and a vacation home.

What to Do If You’ve Been the Victim of a Break-In

Home burglaries happen all the time, but when it happens to you, it is difficult to handle. Your home, the supposed place of peace and safe haven, was rudely violated. The items you have worked for years to acquire are gone, and you feel vulnerable and exposed. Burglary is definitely an emotional experience, but you need to handle it correctly so law enforcement can do their jobs and the insurance agent can do his. Remember these tips from Young Insurance Associates Inc if your home is burglarized in Raleigh, NC.

Leave the House and Call the Police

Your first impulse may be to check out what is missing in the house or see if the thieves are still there. However, as soon as you realize that your home has been broken into, you will want to go outside and call the police. Don’t make the call from inside the home because the thieves may still be in there and they may be armed. Let law enforcement arrive and clear the house for you. They will collect evidence and make a police report on the incident. While they’re there, you can start making a list of any valuables that are missing.

Don’t Start Cleaning Up

Yes, it is hard to see your lovely home trashed, but don’t start cleaning up yet. Call your insurance company, preferably while the police are still there. Don’t begin making repairs on damaged doors or broken windows until the insurance adjuster comes by. He will want to take pictures and videos of the damage to the house and collect your list of missing items. Don’t worry if you miss a few items, you will probably be able to add to the list in the next few weeks if you need to. 

Clean Up and Repair

Once you’ve been given the all clear by your insurance agent, you can start cleaning up and making repairs. You’ll want to board up windows until they can be replaced. If your door locks were tampered with or your door was broken, figure out a way to secure your home before you stay in the house. Use reputable repair people for your permanent repairs.

Secure Your Home

Take steps to make sure that this never happens again. Install outdoor lighting, upgrade your door locks, and maybe install security cameras. You may want to trim hedges and trees to make your home more visible from the street. You may also want to install a security system.

Being the victim of a robbery in Raleigh, NC is hard, but you can recover from this. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, contact Young Insurance Associates Inc.


Does Home Insurance Protect Me Against Storms?

Living in Raleigh, NC means dealing with storms from time to time. This could be a simple rainstorm or something more severe, such as a hurricane. It’s important that your home insurance protects you against storms, and at Young Insurance, can make sure that your policy includes all of the necessary protection.

Adding to Your Coverage

A basic home insurance policy is going to be the same regardless of where you get the coverage. It will provide protection against your dwelling as well as your belongings. However, it’s a good idea to add to the coverage so that you don’t fall prey to the fine print that says you aren’t covered against certain scenarios.

If there is a flood as a result of a rainstorm or you lose a significant amount of roofing because of her hurricane, you want to make sure that you have enough coverage to be able to file a claim.

Hurricane Protection

Many insurance policies don’t provide you with hurricane protection. You get storm protection, but hurricanes involve higher winds and therefore can cause more destruction. This might involve purchasing an additional rider so you have the protection against all storms that could hit your home.

The Different Insurance Companies

Not all insurance companies offer the same number of riders. This means you have to take the time to research what they offer so you get the coverage that you desire. Otherwise, you could inadvertently leave yourself vulnerable for when storms hit.

It’s overwhelming to look at home insurance, especially when you factor in all of the different insurance companies that provide coverage in Raleigh, NC. At Young Insurance, we’re here to help you find the right policy and get the quotes from the different insurance companies. Call us today to get the process started.




Itemize Your Home Insurance Inventory for Full Protection

If your Raleigh, NC home is ever burglarized, which items do you think the criminals will target? More important, will your home insurance policy from Young Insurance actually replace those high end electronics and the latest accessories for your cell phone? If you only have a standard policy, the answer may be no. It comes as a rude awakening to many people when they file a claim after a loss of their property that their collectibles and fine art may only be valued at a fraction of their actual worth, because they did not itemize on their insurance policy.

Electronics Do Not Hold Real Value

The plasma big screen television you spent $5,000 on last year may only cost $2,000 this year, and your insurance may further depreciate its value when it is considered used. If you intend on always maintaining the latest in home entertainment, by itemizing and specifying full replacement value on your policy, you can ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the very best in the electronics world even after the thieves run off with your media room.

Jewelry and Collectibles Must Be Documented

If you wish to be able to recover unique items after a home invasion, by itemizing them with pictures and serial numbers on your inventory, you enable law enforcement to return your property after a successful investigation. It also ensures that the real cost of these special gifts is not lost over time. Documentation for authenticity that is filed with your policy as well as in your home safe ensures you’ll be able to verify one of a kind items even after the home is damaged in a fire or storm.

If you wish to update your Raleigh, NC home insurance policy with Young Insurance, give them a call and make an appointment with your agent.

How Home Insurance Steps In When No One Else Can

When you have a bad day in Raleigh, NC, hopefully you have friends or family to turn to for emotional support. This type of camaraderie is important for all of us to get through difficult times. However, the situation becomes different when you need to ask for major financial support as well. Home insurance is often the answer when it comes to keeping your sanity and your dignity. Young Insurance wants you to know how it can step in to save the day. 

Keeping Everyone Comfortable 

Home insurance can’t save you from the devastating feelings you’ll inevitably have when something happens to your home. It is an emotional attachment you have to your home, often it’s the place you associate with your children growing up or the investment that it took you so long to be able to afford. What insurance can do though is make sure you have a place to go in even the most dire circumstances. It means that you won’t have to ask someone to make room for you, or possibly help you with the repairs that it will take to get you back into the house. This type of comfort can truly be priceless, especially when you feel like you’ve lost something you weren’t ready to lose. 

Young Insurance Is There for You

The people of Raleigh, NC can look to our agency when circumstances are at their worst. Having someone you trust to call can provide a port in the storm where you least expect it. When you choose an agency like Young Insurance, you have the benefit of experienced agents in a smaller setting. This means less time on the phone, and more time getting things done. Call us today for more information!


How to Prep Your Home For the Fall Weather

With the fall season officially hear, now is the time to prep your home for fall weather. It may still feel a bit like summer outside, but soon you’ll feel the bite of cold as days grow shorter. Young Insurance wants to help you save money on your housing costs, which is why we have these handful of tips on how to prep your Raleigh, North Carolina home.

HVAC Inspection

Have your entire AC and heating system inspected. The pros can clean out the vents, correct any issues and make sure it is running properly. This not only improves how quick heat fills your home but it reduces energy loss in the process, saving you money throughout the rest of the year. 

Look For Cracks

Investigate around the foundation of your home and the frames around your windows and doors. Fill any cracks you find. This will reduce more energy loss while helping you avoid those annoying drafts inside the house. All of this makes for an excellent fall and winter. 

Clean out the Gutters

This is something you’ll need to monitor. Make sure to clean out the gutters in your home prior to leaves falling and after most of the leaves have fallen. This helps you get out the sludge built up in gutters over the year. You may want to consider installing protectors over your gutters to help prevent debris from clogging the gutter up, which becomes a potentially devastating issue to your home as water can seep back up into the roofing material.

Fall Prep is Winter Prep

In reality, the prep you perform in the fall is really preparing your home for the winter months. Everything is designed to improve energy efficiency while keeping your home warm throughout the upcoming season.