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What You Need to Know About Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is a problem, and these unsafe behaviors, such as tailgating and speeding, may lead to road rage. The scary thing about aggressive driving is that it can be fatal. It’s known to play a role in 2/3 of traffic fatalities. Half of people who encounter this type of driving behavior will respond in kind instead of backing off.

The good news is that you can take measures to keep aggressive driving from turning into road rage. If someone is tailgating you, simply move over out of the way. In a tense situation on the road, wave to show you are sorry to defuse the situation. Think about whether you’ve accidentally annoyed another driver and make changes to your driving if you have. Try to avoid using your horn, and if you encounter an angry driver, avoid making eye contact. Listening to music can even help when you’re driving. Remember, staying calm can keep aggressive driving from turning into something more serious and potentially deadly.

What causes road rage? You may be surprised at some of the reasons drivers end up dealing with road rage. Some experience it because they are stuck behind someone who is driving slow. Not being allowed to pass can also result in road rage, as can being given the finger while driving. Road rage often occurs because of two drivers who are fighting over the parking space they want. Being cut off, being tailgated, and having someone honk too much are also common reasons that road rage occurs.

Aggressive driving is a common problem that causes many vehicle accidents. Make sure you’re protected with a good auto insurance policy. Contact Young Insurance today for a new auto insurance policy or for a review of your current policy.