Home Insurance in North Carolina and South Carolina

North Carolina is a terrific place to live, work, and play. The goal for many is to eventually own their own home here. Owning your own home is a significant responsibility, as well as a significant investment - an investment that should be protected with appropriate home insurance.

You may already have home insurance. It is very likely your mortgage company required you to purchase it when you took out your mortgage. For many, that is the last time they have given it any thought. As home insurance agents, we see it weekly - homeowners who do not know what coverage they do or do not have. Some homeowners don't even know the cost of their homeowners insurance, as it is rolled in as part of their monthly house payment. This is a problem that can put you at risk and have you spending more than you need to.

We invite you to contact NorthGroup Insurance Services, Inc As independent agents, we have the ability to review the home insurance policies of several different carriers. It also gives us the opportunity to seek out options of companies who may be able to provide better coverage at a more appealing price. You won’t know unless you compare.

Contact one of our experienced agents today and schedule a no-obligation home insurance review. Our agents can tell you what you are covered for and where you may be at risk. If you haven’t thought about your home insurance for years, the time to do so is now. If you prefer, you can get an online comparative quote. Answer a few questions about your home and our agents will go to work getting prices from several companies. Get the peace of mind you and your family deserve. Contact NorthGroup Insurance today.