RV Insurance in North Carolina

Owning a RV definitely has benefits. Not only are you free to take your family on all sorts of exciting excursions, but you are able to do so while enjoying a home away from home. Here are a few things to know about this type of policy.

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Here in North Carolina, purchasing an insurance policy for your recreational vehicle (RV) isn't too different from buying auto insurance. There's still a section that covers liability - damage to another person's vehicle, property, and/or injuries associated with an at-fault incident. Also, there's the option to add comprehensive and collision coverage to take care of any damage to your vehicle in the event of an incident.

However, one big difference is that RV insurance comes with the option to protect any personal property you have inside the vehicle. Examples include clothing, cookware, electronics, etc. For many who use their RV as a second home while traveling, selecting this coverage is very important.

Why Your Lien holder Cares About RV Insurance

If you are like most RV owners, you probably have a lien holder on your vehicle. In some circumstances, your lender might have a few requirements for the type of policy you purchase. In this case, it is important to sit down with our agency team and discuss your options directly.

Why Working with an Independent Agent is Important

At NorthGroup Insurance, we are independent insurance agents. To put it simply, this means that we work with a variety of different insurance carriers instead of only one. Our clients benefit because we are often able to find a solution that meets their needs and budget more effectively.

Do you own a recreational vehicle? Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff and Young Insurance Associates help. Please give us a call to schedule your no-obligation appointment.